Undergraduate: Math Pathways

Math Pathways at UNCG

In 2018, the University of North Carolina System (UNC System) engaged with the Charles A. Dana Center to mobilize mathematics faculty in North Carolina to dramatically improve student success. Aided by resources, support, and services provided by the Dana Center, the UNC System established a state task force charged with the creation of formal recommendations on the implementation of mathematics pathways in North Carolina. See:

Throughout the Math Pathways project, administration, faculty and staff will work together to implement the recommendations. Follow the links in the side menu to see the details of our implementation.

  • #1 Design of Math Pathways
  • #2 Student Support
  • #3 Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Faculty Engagement
  • #4 Advising
  • #5 Placement
  • #6 K-14
  • #7 Transfer
  • #8 Data and Assessment