Graduate: MA Program

Master’s Plan of Study

Each student, together with their advisor, must submit a Master’s Plan of Study to The Graduate School by the end of second semester.  The plan must include all courses the student is expected to complete as a minimum requirement, including courses required for the major, supporting courses, number of elective hours, and capstone experience, as well as all courses required by the department but not counted toward the degree, including prerequisite courses.

The following restrictions on credits are placed on all MA degrees by The Graduate School.

  • No more than 6 credit hours of independent study.
  • No more than six credit hours of credit evaluated as C+ (2.3) and/or C (2.0) applied toward the minimum credits required for the degree.
  • Credit earned for STA 667 Statistical Consulting is not applicable to a graduate Plan of Study.
  • The master’s curriculum, including the thesis, must be completed within five academic years, from the date the first courses carrying graduate degree credit applicable to the student’s program are begun.

Copies of the approved Plan of Study must be filed in the student’s permanent folder in The Graduate School, in the department’s files, and with the student.  If changes have been made to the Plan of Study, a revised Plan of Study must be submitted to The Graduate School by the end of the third week of classes of the semester in which the student applies for graduation.

Plan of Study Forms can be found under the Resources page.