Undergraduate: Getting Started

Why Major in Mathematics?

Top 10 reasons to major in math

  1. It is beautiful and fun.
  2. It is the language of the universe.
  3. It is instrumental for any other science.
  4. It is non-commercial, non-political, non-controversial.
  5. It is abstract yet useful.
  6. It increases your market value.
  7. It makes everything else looks easy.
  8. It will show you that no numbers may be omitted here.

Skills you will learn (and employers will value)

  • arguing logically and rigorously
  • thinking abstractly
  • formulating and solving problems
  • analyzing data
  • creating and analyzing mathematical models.

Jobs for Math Majors

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics will prepare you for jobs in

  • statistics
  • actuarial sciences
  • finance
  • mathematical modeling
  • cryptography
  • bio technology
  • mathematics education
  • teaching.

To learn more about jobs for math majors, see the AMS Career Information page and the Bureau of Labor Statistics page in Occupational Outlook Handbook.


If you wish to take your undergraduate degree directly to the job market after graduation, extracted from the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2005 salary survey, provides a comparison of average starting salaries for students by undergraduate major.

Mathematics +37.7%
Economics +33.5%
Chemistry +22.8%
Foreign Languages +5.1%
Polital Sciences +4.9%
History +0.9%
Biology +0.8%
English +0%
Sociology -0.3%
Psychology -4.4%

Grad school

Math major will prepare you well as for graduate school leading to a research career in

  • engineering
  • mathematics
  • statistics.

A strong background in mathematics is also necessary for research in many areas of computer science and social science.

Job Satisfaction

In addition to higher pay, a math major’s employment promises higher levels of job satisfaction. JobsRated.com ranks 200 jobs according to environment, income, outlook, physical demands, and stress.



Mathematician 1
Actuary 2
Statistician 3
Biologist 4
Software Engineer 5
Economist 11
Physicist 13
Computer Programmer 18
Aerospace Engineer 33
Nuclear Engineer 41
Chemist 57
Electrical Engineer 62
Federal Judge 69
Civil Engineer 71
Mechanical Engineer 74
Attorney 82
Stockbroker 84
Senior Corporate Executive 88
Dentist 101
Orthodontist 103
General Practice Physician 142
Surgeon 156


  • Nice and modern campus
  • Great students
  • Excellent faculty
  • Unbeatable environment for you to learn, grow and succeed
  • Many scholarship opportunities
  • Many research opportunities

Scholarships for Math majors

Our department offers many scholarships to math majors, see Scholarships. For additional sources of funding, see Funding.

Research Opportunities for Students

Our department offers many research opportunities for undergraduate students, see Research opportunities.