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Graduate Scholarships

Each year, we distribute thousands of dollars of scholarships resulting from gifts from our many generous donors. These are open to math majors and graduate students.

For additional scholarships and sources of funding available for math majors, see the Funding page.


In order to be competitive for an award, applicants should satisfy the following selection criteria.

Graduate students

  • M.A. student applicants must have a thesis advisor.
  • First year Ph.D. student applicants must have passed at least one  qualifying exams.
  • Second year Ph.D. student applicants must have passed both qualifying exams.
  • Third year Ph.D. student applicants must have selected a dissertation advisor.
  • Fourth year Ph.D. student applicants must demonstrate a high level of research activity.
  • All graduate student applicants must have their advisor submit a letter of reference addressing the selection criteria listed above and discussing the likelihood of graduation in 5 years for Ph.D. and 2 years for M.A. degrees.

The individual scholarships may have additional requirements and restrictions. Details can be found at the University Financial Aid Office website. A brief description of the criteria for each is given below. Dollar amounts are approximate total awards for that scholarship each year. Awards marked FAFSA require financial need as determined by FAFSA.

Scholarships for graduate students

Application Procedure

  • Applicants must complete a current FAFSA and demonstrate financial need to be eligible any scholarship marked FAFSA above. Award amounts may be modified to meet financial aid requirements. Available online or see the Financial Aid Office for details.
  • A letter of reference is required for your application. It can be submitted directly by the reference writer via email to or regular mail to the Scholarship Committee at the department address at the bottom of the page. This letter must be from your advisor addressing your research potential and progress in the program.
  • Apply online through the ScholarshipUniverse portal, which automatically matches you with the scholarships for which you are eligible including those within your academic department. Sign in using your UNCG credentials. Please answer all of the questions presented to you in the application for full consideration
  • Your application will be considered incomplete until all required portions are submitted.

Visit the scholarship information page to learn more about each scholarship.