Undergraduate: The Programs

Undergraduate Programs and Plans of Study

Our department offers B.A. and B.S. programs in Mathematics and (starting fall 2024) Statistics as well as minors in mathematics and statistics.

The B.A. in Mathematics allows students to specialize in mathematics and at the same time either to follow a broad liberal arts program or to specialize in a second area (possibly even taking a second major).

The B.S. in Mathematics is more technically oriented than the B.A. It provides solid preparation for work or study in mathematics or a related field. Students interested in graduate school should get the B.S. degree.

The B.S. in Statistics prepares for a career in Data Analytics which is becoming more and more vital in all fields of study. Formal training as a Statistics major provides excellent employment opportunities and also prepares students for graduate degrees in statistics and data analysis at UNCG and other institutions.

The Accelerated B.A. or B.S. to M.A. program allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) and a Masters of Arts in as little as five years.

Below you can find graduation plans for our degree programs. These help you map out the courses that you will take each semester and also to graduate in a timely manner.

Mathematics BS

Statistics BS (starting fall 2024)

Mathematics BA

The following two plans give only the mathematics and statistics courses, in a two year schedule. This is in particular interesting for second degree students but is also helpful for students with a Mathematics as a second or double major.