Statistical Consulting Center


SCCSCC Students

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) offers consultation and advice to University researchers engaged in:

  • the design of studies and experiments (including proposal preparation)
  • the statistical and graphical analysis of data
  • the appropriate choice, application and presentation of statistical methods.

Faculty that currently serve as consultants are Scott RichterSat GuptaHaimeng Zhang and Xiaoli Gao.

Using the Center

Faculty and staff. General consultation is provided to faculty and staff free of charge. However, researchers routinely list consultants as co-authors on journal publications or paper presentations, and as co-PIs on research grants, as recognition for their service. Researchers are encouraged to interact with a consultant as early as possible in a study, preferably at the planning stage. To obtain assistance, send a brief description of the scope and type of assistance anticipated to

Graduate students. Graduate students who wish to use the SCC must register for STA 667 during the semester in which they plan to use the Center. The student will then be entitled to one hour of consulting per week for that semester. STA 667 is designed to be a learning experience for both the consultants and their clients. The SCC points out problems, tries to correct errors, suggests possible solutions, and assists in the analysis of the results. Every attempt is made to increase the understanding of problems and possible solutions. Enrollment in STA 667 is by sections, corresponding to different faculty members involved in consulting during that semester. Students must obtain permission to enroll in a STA 667 section. If the student has a consultant preference, they should contact the consultant directly to obtain permission to enroll in that consultant’s section. If the student does not have a consultant preference, the student should send a brief description of the research topic, as well as the scope and type of assistance anticipated, to, and the student will be referred to a consultant.

Summer. The SCC generally does not operate during the summer. Faculty, staff, and students with large problems or complex analyses should seek assistance during the regular academic year.