Undergraduate: Placement

MAT 120 Placement Test

The MAT 120 Placement Test will determine your eligibility to enroll in MAT 120 – Calculus with Business Applications.  Certain entry level courses have no prerequisites; students who wish to enroll in MAT 112, MAT 115, or STA 108 may do so without a placement test. Enrollment in MAT 191 – Calculus 1 requires a separate diagnostic test if a prerequisite is not met.  More information about the MAT 191 Diagnostic Test can be found at UNCG Calculus Readiness Diagnostic Test.  Additional information about mathematics placement criteria at UNCG can be found at UNCG Mathematics Placement Information.

The placement test may only be taken twice per academic year.

Any student with a sufficiently strong mathematics background who wishes to enroll directly in MAT 120 without taking the prerequisite course MAT 115 – College Algebra must take the placement test. The Mathematics Placement Test is administered online in Canvas. The test is 35 multiple choice questions with a ninety minute time limit.

Click on the link MAT 120 Placement Test and use your UNCG username and password to request access to the placement test organization on Canvas. After logging into the Canvas organization, take the Practice Test to see sample questions and to ensure that your computer set-up (browser, internet connection, etc) is compatible with the MAT 120 Placement Test. The Practice Test is in the MAT 120 Placement Test Canvas ORG. Your score on the Practice Test is not used for placement purposes. You can take the Practice Test an unlimited number of times. Take advantage of this to prepare for the Placement Test.

A score of 60% or better on the MAT 120 Placement Test allows enrollment in MAT 120. 

After you take the placement test, contact the instructor of the section in which you wish to register. The instructor can verify your score and put in an override request that will allow you to register for the course if you have no other blocks on your account.

Students should contact their advisor or send an email to math_placement_test@uncg.edu if they have any questions, have trouble registering for the test, or are experiencing other technical issues.

Students with disabilities should contact the Office of Accessibility Resources (OARS) for testing accommodations.


  1. The math placement test does not award any course credit.
  2. The placement test score is only valid for 1 year.
  3. You can sign up to take the math placement test once per academic year. You can attempt the test twice per academic year. You must submit a request for each academic year to join the correct Canvas ORG.
  4. The use of calculators is allowed on the placement test.
  5. Contact the instructor of the section in which you wish to register for the override.