About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is to provide intellectual leadership in the mathematical sciences that is of direct benefit to the State of North Carolina and that commands national and international respect for the quality of its educational programs and for its depth of scholarship.

Goals of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

To achieve the mission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the Department has identified goals directed at achieving excellence in all three of the University’s major functions – teaching, research and service. In particular, we are committed to offering well-rounded academic programs, which will provide our graduates with competitive job skills, to contribute to the advance of knowledge and techniques in Mathematics and Statistics through an active research program and to:

  • provide flexible, solid undergraduate and graduate programs emphasizing both theoretical and applied skills, which challenge the intellect and cater to the diverse interests of our students;
  • build and maintain a first-rate, enthusiastic and vigorous faculty across the broad spectrum of mathematical sciences with the aims that each individual is internationally recognized for the depth and originality of his or her contributions and that collaborations lead to an environment that enhances combined contributions;
  • be a resource in the mathematical sciences for other disciplines whose own activities have an ever-increasing need for the power of mathematics and statistics and to encourage and promote interdisciplinary partnerships, both on campus and in the larger research community;
  • advance our role in providing high quality training in mathematics teacher education to supply the anticipated need for well-prepared, competent elementary and secondary school mathematics teachers;
  • to provide service to the university, community and profession.