Undergraduate: Getting Started

Degree Programs Overview

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers undergraduate programs leading to the BA with concentrations in mathematics and statistics and health informatics and the BS with concentrations in mathematics and statistics.

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BA in Mathematics

The BA program allows students to specialize in mathematics and at the same time either to follow a broad liberal arts program or to specialize in a second area (possibly even taking a second major).

BS in Mathematics

The BS program is more technically oriented; it provides solid preparation for work or study in mathematics or a related field. Students wanting to go to graduate school are encouraged to consider the BS degree or the new Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) to earn a BS and MA in 5 years. Strong students can graduate with Disciplinary Honors. We also offer minors in mathematics and statistics.


An undergraduate major in the mathematics also provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in many areas, including actuarial sciences, computer science, economics, engineering, law, mathematics, operations research, and statistics. The major can be specialized to allow preparation for any of these goals. See our Tracks page for some suggested coursework to begin down some of these paths.


The University Catalog should be consulted for detailed requirements, including the allowable electives. We outline the MAT/STA requirements here. The degree also requires 122 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level or above. See our Courses page for a brief description of the courses.

See our Degrees and Plans page for details.

Accelerated B.A. or B.S. to M.A. Program (formerly ADP)

Apply during your junior year, and earn up to 12 hours credit toward a MA degree while you earn your BS. See the program pages in the catalog for details.


All the materials related to the Undergraduate Programs at UNCG are available online. Information about admissions can be found at the Admissions Office. These include the Catalog listings, online application forms, and traditional application forms by post.