Undergraduate: The Programs

GMT Courses

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers several courses (STA 108, MAT 112, MAT 115, MAT 120, MAT 150, MAT 151, MAT 190, MAT 191) that satisfy the Mathematics (GMT) requirement of the General Education Program. Each is open to and appropriate for all undergraduate students, regardless of major. The General Education learning goals attached to the GMT marker are as follows:

  • LG1 Foundational Skills: Think critically, communicate effectively, and develop fundamental skills in quantitative and and information literacies.
  • LG2 The Physical and Natural World: Understand fundamental principles of mathematics and statistics, and recognize their relevance in the world.

Student Learning Objectives for 2015-2019

(Approved by the General Education Council on March 31, 2014 and the Faculty Senate on September 3, 2014.)

  • SLO1 Reason in mathematical systems beyond data manipulation.
  • SLO2 Formulate and use mathematical models to solve real-world problems.
  • SLO3 Communicate mathematical solutions clearly and effectively.

See our Course Information page for more information about these courses.