Graduate: MA Program

Master’s Program

Master’s Degree Requirements

The Master’s in Mathematics is a 30 semester-hour program that is offered in six areas of concentration: Mathematics, Mathematical Foundations of Data Science, Mathematical Statistics, Data Analytics, Actuarial Mathematics, and Teaching College Mathematics.  Each concentration includes specific requirements, and all course work must be approved by the DGS.  See Catalog for details.  Students who plan to continue to the PhD program in Computational Mathematics are urged to select the area exams of the Comprehensive Exam option as their Master’s Capstone Experience.

SLO 1: Communication and Synthesis

Students combine their knowledge from graduate course work and individual readings and demonstrate this knowledge through effective communication.

SLO 2: In-Depth Study

Students apply knowledge of an area of mathematics or statistics that goes beyond the introductory graduate level.

SLO 3: Broad Understanding

Students demonstrate broad understanding by reproducing results and definitions at the introductory graduate level.

See Catalog for specific requirements for each concentration

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