Graduate: PhD Program

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Mathematics offers students an opportunity to write dissertation in computational mathematics or computational statistics. It is a 48 semester-hour program designed for students who hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in mathematics or a closely related area.  Students must include 18-21 hours of dissertation (MAT 799) in the required hours.  This challenging and rigorous program culminates in the defense of an original dissertation that is suitable for publication in a refereed journal.  Upon completion of this degree the successful student will be capable of producing new results in their chosen area of research.

SLO 1: Broad Understanding

Students demonstrate broad understanding by reproducing results and definitions at the introductory Ph.D. level.

SLO 2: In Depth Study

Students discover new results and defend these results in a specific area of computational mathematics that goes beyond the introductory PhD level.

SLO 3: Synthesis and Written Communication

Students combine their knowledge from graduate course work, individual readings, and their own original research and communicate this research and its significance in writing.

SLO 4: Oral Communication

Students defend their research findings orally.

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