PhD and MA Theses

PhD Students

Student Year Advised by Thesis Position after Graduation
Ananta Acharya 2023 Ratnasingham Shivaji Analysis of steady states to classes of reaction diffusion equations and systems Temporary Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Utah State University.
Shalmali Bandyopadhyay 2023 Maya Chhetri Solvability of nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems Assistant Professor at University of Tennessee at Martin
Neil Pritchard 2023 Thomas Weighill Injective and coarse embeddings of persistence diagrams and Wasserstein space Lecturer at UNCG
Pujita Sapra 2023 Sat Gupta Accounting for lack of trust in randomized response models Assistant Professor at Highpoint University
Kalani Thalagoda 2023 Dan Yasaki Computational aspects of Bianchi modular forms Postdoctoral Fellow at Tulane University
Sarangan Balasubramaniam 2022 Haimeng Zhang Spatial prediction for axially symmetric process on spheres Lecturer at the University of Georgia
James Rudzinski 2021 Clifford Smyth The Bunk Bed Conjecture and the Skolem Problem Instructor at GTCC
Badr Aloraini 2021 Sat Gupta Variance estimation using Randomized Response Technique Visiting Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University
Amila Muthunayake 2021 Ratnasingham Shivaji Analysis of positive solutions for classes of nonlinear reaction diffusion equations and systems Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Weber State University
Romesh Thanuja 2021 Haimeng Zhang The Wavelet-Galerkin Method on Global Random Processes Senior Lecturer at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Elliott Hollifield 2020 Maya Chhetri Nonnegative Solutions of Nonlinear Fractional. Laplacian Equations. Assistant Professor at UNC Pembroke
Nalin Fonseka 2020 Ratnasingham Shivaji Mathematical and computational analysis of reaction diffusion models arising in ecology Assistant professor the University of Central Missouri
Aaron Rapp 2020 Tom Lewis Dual-wind Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Elliptic Variational Inequalities Assistant Professor at the University of the Virgin Islands
Qi Zhang 2020 Sat Gupta Mean estimation of sensitive variables under measurement errors and non-response Senior Data Analyst | R Shiny Developer at Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Austin Lawson 2019 Greg Bell “On the preservation of coarse properties over products and on persistence curves” Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Tennessee
Bin Luo 2019 Xiaoli Gao Robust Penalized Regression for Complex Big High Dimensional Data Postdoctoral Associate Position from Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics | Duke School of Medicine.
Wei Chen 2018 Haimeng Zhang Spectral estimation for random processes with stationary increments Assistant Teaching Professor at Miami University
Byungjae Son 2017 Ratnasingham Shivaji Analysis of Classes of Singular Steady State Reaction Diffusion Equations Assistant Professor at Ohio Northern University
Ricky Farr 2017 Sebastian Pauli Results about Fractional Derivatives of Zeta Functions Mathematics Professor at Spartanburg Methodist College
Jonathan Milstead 2017 Sebastian Pauli Computing Galois groups of Eisenstein polynomials over p-adic fields Lecturer at UNCG
Quinn Morris 2017 Ratnasingham Shivaji Analysis of classes of superlinear semipositone problems with nonlinear boundary conditions Assistant Professor at Appalachian State University
Catherine Payne 2017 Richard Fabiano Approximation of Neutral Delay-Differential Equations Assistant Professor at Winston-Salem State University
Jeong Sep Sihm 2016 Sat Gupta Modified Binary Randomized Response Technique Models Assistant Professor Of Mathematics, Carolina University
Christopher Vanlangenberg 2016 Haimeng Zhang Data Generation and Estimation for Axially Symmetric Processes on the Sphere Chief Data Scientist at Beacon Data, Inc
Tanja Zatezalo 2016 Sat Gupta Generalized Mixture Estimators for the Finite Population Mean Adjunct Professor at North Carolina Central University and Adjunct Professor at Campbell University
Brian Sinclair 2015 Sebastian Pauli Algorithms for Enumerating Invariants and Extensions of Local Fields Applied Research Mathematician with the National Security Agency (NSA)
Abraham Abebe 2014 Maya Chhetri Positive Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems. Assistant Professor at Temple University
Danielle Moran 2014 Greg Bell Permanence Results for Dimension-theoretic Coarse Notions Assistant Professor at Guilford College

MA Students

Student Year Advised by Thesis Position after Graduation
Torre Caparatta 2023 Data Scientist at Old Dominion Freight Line
Aidan Lytle 2022 at Boeing
Will Stiles 2021 Tom Lewis Solar Data Scientist at Radian Generation Charlotte, North Carolina
Christopher Nem 2021 Math Instructor at Central Carolina Community College
Kellie Ward 2021 Tom Lewis Narrow-Stencil Finite Difference Methods for Linear Second Order Elliptic Problems of Non-Divergence Form Finance & Insurance Accountant at Sonic Automotive
Kristen Scheckelhoff 2021 Dan Yasaki PhD Student at University of Virginia
Ram Dhungana 2020 Instructor Dallas ISD
Nina Khalili 2020 Senior Scientific Analyst for Climate Risk at The Climate Service, now a part of S&P Global
Sravani Krosuri 2020 Jianping Sun Jr. Data Scientist at Neighborhood Rescue of America
Stephen Steward 2020 Brett Tangedal Zagier's Reduction Theory for Inductive Binary Quadratic Forms Data Analyst at UNC Health
Charith Elson 2019 Scott Richter Lecturer Mathematics/Statistics Texas Tech University
Nada Alzahrani 2019
Christine Bottini 2019 Statistician for the U.S. Census Bureau
Xiangpan Li 2019 Data Analytist at TD Bank
Yang Peng 2019 Xiaoli Gao Data Scientist at CentralSquare Technologies
Bety Rostandy 2019 Xiaoli Gao Research Support Specialist at Rockefeller University Proteomics Resource Center
Alex Smith 2019 AVP, Risk Data and Reporting Analyst II for Truist
Sandamalee Seneviratne 2018 Tom Lewis
Keri Spetzer 2018 Graduate Teaching Assistant at UNC Greensboro
David Suarez 2018 Sat Gupta Variations of the Greenberg Unrelated Question Binary Model PhD student at the University of Virginia
Ping Wang 2018 Sat Gupta Data Analyst, Cobbs Creek Healthcare
Debbie White 2018 Dan Yasaki Instructor at Alamance Community College
Sandi Rudzinski 2018 Sebastian Pauli Symbolic Computation of Resolvents Mathematics Teacher at Rural Retreat High School, VA
Na Wang 2018 Financial & Underwriting Analyst, Alliant Insurance Services
Xinyu Feng 2018 Financial Advisor at Equitable Advisors Greensboro, North Carolina
Nathan Fontes 2018 Dan Yasaki PhD Student at Clemson University
Indika Gunawardana 2018 Tom Lewis Doctoral student at Texas A&M
Emily Johnson 2018 Scott Richter Permutation Tests for Mixed Paired and TwoSample Designs
Monika Goel 2017 Sat Gupta Senior Lecturer at UNCG
Bukola Adaramola 2017 Haimeng Zhang Circulant Matrices On Global Data Analysis
Ashwag Alghamdi 2017 Scott Richter
Victoria Hayes 2017 Jan Rychtář The Evolution of Cooperation: A Recreation of Axelrod’s Computer Tournament Mathematics Instructor at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
Michael Leshowitz 2017 Jan Rychtář Development of Honesty in Repeated Signaling Games Technical Content Developer at Cengage
Mingyan Li 2017 Scott Richter International Business Consultant at RTP China Connection
Nicholas Stewart 2016 Sat Gupta Senior Data Analyst at Triad Area Data Company
Arpad Szarka 2016 Sat Gupta Technical Expert IV at Syngenta
Austin Lawson 2016 Greg Bell Multi-Scale Persistent Homology Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Tennessee
Bin Luo 2016 Xiaoli Gao Robust High-dimensional Data Analysis Using A Weight Shrinkage Rule Postdoctoral Associate Position from Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics | Duke School of Medicine.
Qi Zhang 2016 Sat Gupta Ratio Estimation of the Mean under RRT Models Senior Data Analyst | R Shiny Developer at Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Lance Everhart 2016 Sebastian Pauli Computer Science Lecturer at UNCG
Jeff Lail 2016 Scott Richter Data Analyst at Syngenta
Christopher Langewisch 2016 Scott Richter Strategic Business Analyst at Targetbase
Joshua Martin 2016 Greg Bell Multiradial (Multi)Filtrations and Persistent Homology
Robert Stoesen 2014 Sat Gupta Research Specialist at Guilford Technical Community College
Adam Eury 2014 Maya Chhetri Positive Solutions for a Class of One Dimensional p-Laplacian Problems Software Engineer at Coherent Path
Rick Shepherd 2013 Brett Tangedal Binary quadratic forms and genus theory Software Engineer at Electronic Data Magentics Inc
Michael Watts 2013 Greg Bell On Characterizing Pairs of Permutations in Determining their Generated Group Math Instructor at United States Air Force Academy
Jeong Sep Sihm 2012 A Two-Stage Binary Optional Randomized Response Model Assistant Professor Of Mathematics, Carolina University
John Hardee 2012 Richard Fabiano Pseudospectra and Structured Pseudospectra Faculty at Davidson County Community College
Shierina Fareed 2012 PhD student at UNCG
William Ely 2012 Jan Rychtář Pricing European Stock Options using Stochastic and Fuzzy Continuous Time Processes Professional Services Consultant at Earnix
Paula Hamby 2012 Dan Yasaki Enumeration of Quadratic Forms Over Totally Real Fields
Michael Higgins 2012 Scott Richter Product Analyst at Square
Lauren Farr (née Sher) 2011 Greg Bell Asymptotic dimension and asymptotic property Instructor of Mathematics at Spartanburg Community College
Richard Jenkins 2011 Scott Richter Adjunct professor in Mathematics at Greensboro College
Davorin Stajsic 2010 Clifford Smyth Combinatorial Game Theory Graduate student in Industrial Engineering at NC A&T
Nancy Buck 2010 Brett Tangedal Quadratic reciprocity for the rational integers and the Gaussian integers
Heather Barker (Allmond) 2010 Jan Rychtář Model of kleptoparasitism in the Onthophagus taurus: when to enter and leave a dung pat Mathematics Instructor at Piedmont Community College.
Qing Shi 2009 Scott Richter Director, Biostatistics and Statistical Programming, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals
Norbert Kadima 2009 Sat Gupta Statistical Programmer II at IQVIA
Anne Tally 2009 Paul Duvall On the Hausdorff Dimension of the Boundary of a SelfSimilar Tile
Brian Sinclair 2008 Applied Research Mathematician with the National Security Agency (NSA)
Guolin Zhao 2008 Nonparametric and Parametric Survival Analysis of Censored Data with Possible Violation of Method Assumptions Biostatistician at Biogen Idec
Supriti Sehra 2008 Sat Gupta Two-stage Optional Randomized Response Models Advanced Analytics Manager at Orbitz Worldwide
Sundar Thapa 2008 Sat Gupta Statistician at U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Robert White 2008 Scott Richter Business Intelligence Manager at Targetbase
Mike Wilder 2006 Adjunct Instructor at Elon University
Jonathan Verner 2006 Jerry Vaughan The 17th Topological Type of ω ∗ Research Assistant at Charles University
Jack Luper 2006 Maya Chhetri Multiple Positive Solutions for Semipositone Problems Technical Development AVP at Bank of America
Katzutomo Iinuma 2003 Jerry Vaughan Executive Pastor at Every Nation Church, NYC
Elizabeth (Dawn) Poole Scott Richter
Helen Guo Haimeng Zhang Clinical SAS Programmer