Scott Richter

Scott Richter

Director of Statistical Consulting Center

Office: Petty 107
Personal Website:
Starting year at UNCG: 2001
Office Hours: MW 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., and by appointment


Degree(s): Ph.D. in Statistics, Oklahoma State University (1997)


Fall 2023
  • STA-440 LEC (SAS System Statistical Anlysis)
  • STA-640 LEC (SAS System Statistical Anlysis)
  • STA-445 LEC (Nonparametric Statistics), MW 2:00-3:15, PETT 227
  • STA-645 LEC (Nonparametric Statistics), MW 2:00-3:15, PETT 227
  • STA-602 LEC (Statistical Mthds Data Anlytcs)
  • STA-667 IND (Statistical Consulting)
  • STA-668 PRC (Consulting Experience)


Member of the Research Group(s): Statistics
Current Students: Shierina Fareed (Ph.D.)
Former Students: Elizabeth (Dawn) Poole (M.A.), Richard Jenkins (M.A.), Robert White (M.A.), Qing Shi (M.A.), Mingyan Li (M.A.), Christopher Langewisch (M.A.), Jeff Lail (M.A.), Emily Johnson (M.A.), Michael Higgins (M.A.), Ashwag Alghamdi (M.A.), Shierina Fareed (M.A.), Charith Elson (M.A.)

Research Interests: Non-Parametric Methods, Multivariate Analysis

Selected Publications

  • Richter, S. J. and McCann M. H. (In press). Permutation tests of scale using deviances. Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation. (DOI: 10.1080/03610918.2016.1165844)
  • Saari, S., Higgins, M., Richter, S. & Faeth, S. (In press). Urbanization is associated with reduced abundance and species richness of terrestrial animals. American Naturalist.
  • Bhatt, I. S., Phillips, S. L., Richter, S. J., Tucker, D., Lundgren, K., Morehouse, R. & Henrich, V. (2016). A polymorphism in human estrogen-related receptor beta (ESRRβ) predicts audiometric temporary threshold shift. International Journal of Audiology, 55(10) 571-579.
  • Richter, S. J. and McCann M. H. (2016). Simultaneous confidence intervals using medians and permutation tests. AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis, 100(2), 189-205. (DOI: 10.1007/s10182-015-0258-4)
  • Aichele, C.P., Venkataramani, D., Smay, J. E., McCann, M. H., Richter, S. J., Khanzadeh-Moradillo, M., & Ley, M. T. (2015). A Comparison of Automated Scanning Electron Microscopy (ASEM) and Acoustic Attenuation Spectroscopy (AAS) for Particle Sizing. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physiochemical and Engineering Aspects, 479, 46-51. (DOI: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2015.03.052)

Brief Biography

Dr. Richter earned a Ph.D. in 1997 from Oklahoma State University, and he joined the UNCG faculty in 2001. His research focuses on nonparametric methods, multiple comparisons and interdisciplinary research.