Sandi Rudzinski

Sandi Rudzinski

Ph.D. Student
M.A. Alumni

Office: Brown 334
Personal Website:
Office Hours: Virtual: TR 2:00pm-3:30pm


Degree(s): M.A. in Mathematics, UNCG (2018)
Ph.D. Advisor(s): Sebastian Pauli
M.A. Thesis: Symbolic Computation of Resolvents
M.A. Advisor: Sebastian Pauli


Member of the Research Group(s): Number Theory

Selected Publications

    • Chad Awtrey, Alexander Gaura, Sebastian Pauli Sandi Rudzinski, Ariel Uy, and Scott Zinzer

The First Digit of the Discriminant of Eisenstein Polynomials as an Invariant of Totally Ramified Extensions of p-Adic Fields to appear in Involve