Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference

Student Presentations

High School Student Talks

  1. Shitij Govil and Aidan Lee, Using DEM derivatives from Quanergy LiDAR data to classify wetlands through machine learning.
  2. Anhad Kalucha, Calculating sensitivity, specificity and predictive values for coronavirus tests.
  3. Sahil Patel, Machine-aided detection of atrial fibrillation through R-R intervals.

Undergraduate Student Talks

  1. Whitney Bennett, Using physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling to study the gender differences of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances.
  2. Benjamin Faktor, The Navier-Stokes equations with variable viscosity.
  3. Gaurika Khanduja, Calculating sensitivity, specificity and predictive values for coronavirus tests.
  4. Hannah Sullivan and Polina Ovchinnikova, Introducing a mutation into a monarch butterfly population.
  5. Joia Zhang, An optional enhanced trust quantitative RRT model.

Graduate Student Talks

  1. Ananta Acharya, Analysis of a competitive reaction-diffusion population dynamics model.
  2. Fatimah Alghamdi, On reproducibility of hypothesis tests based on randomised response data.
  3. Sarangan Balasubramaniam, Parametric approaches for prediction on the axially symmetric process.
  4. Hafiza Fakhar ul Nisa, Mean estimation using full and optional RRT models in the presence of measurement error and non-response under two phase sampling.
  5. Jong Won Lee, Multiple regression analysis of borderline personality disorder traits and facets of romantic relationships.
  6. Pujita Sapra, Evaluation of an optional mixture binary RRT model with a unified measure of privacy and efficiency.
  7. Wenhao Shou, Kernel density estimation with data collected with the randomized response technique.
  8. Xiaohuan Xue, A note on asymptotics of estimators on spheres.