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Academic Sessions

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Academic Sessions (More to be added as we go)

Design and Analysis of Experiments Symposium (4 Sessions)
Organizers: John Stufken (Arizona State University) and Abhyuday Mandal (University of Georgia)

Mathematical Biology
Organizers: Igor Erovenko, Jonathan Rowell
UNC Greensboro

Big Data and Machine Learning
Organizer: Somya Mohanty
UNC Greensboro

Organizer: Scott Richter
UNC Greensboro

Contributed Sessions of Undergraduate Research with Data-Driven Analysis
Organizer: Mark Daniel Ward
Purdue University

Health Effects due to Environment Pollution
Organizers: Sujit Ghosh and Brian Reich
NC State University

Lifetime Data Analysis
Organizer: Suvra Pal
University of Texas at Arlington

Cutting-Edge Methods in Big Data for Efficiency and Power
Organizer: Sunil Mathur
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

High-dimensional Variable Selection
Organizer: Sy Han (Steven) Chiou, University of Texas at Dallas
Co-Organizer: Eliana Christou, UNC Charlotte

Advanced Statistical Modeling of Genomic Data
Organizer: Sunyoung Shin
University of Texas at Dallas

Bayesian Nonparametric Methods and Applications
Organizer:Andres F. Barrientos
Duke University

Spatial Statistics
Organizer: Haimeng Zhang
UNC Greensboro

Complex High Dimensional Data Analysis
Organizer: Xiaoli Gao
UNC Greensboro

Sampling Theory and Methods
Organizer: Javid Shabbir
Quaid-I-Azam University

Advances in Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Organizer: Sujit Ghosh
NC State University

Live Demo on Scientific Collaboration in Statistics
Organizers: Sujit Ghosh (NC State University) and Russ Reeves (IQVIA)

Perspectives on Statistical Consulting &ndash A Panel Discussion
Organizer: Emily Griffith
Director of NC State University’s Statistical Consulting Core

Mathematics and Statistics for the Earth’s Climate System
Organizer: Christian Sampson

Sampling Methods in High-Dimensional Spaces
Organizer: Cheng Cheng

Topological Data Analysis
Organizer: Yu-Min Chung
UNC Greensboro

Statistical Distributions with Applications in Economics and Health Sciences
Organizer: Indranil Ghosh
University of North Carolina at Wilmington