AISC AISC Conference Archive

Academic Sessions

The conference will feature many academic sessions on a variety of topics. The following sessions have been confirmed and many more are being planned.

Statistical modeling and inference in economics and insurance
Ricardas Zitikis
University of Western Ontario, Canada

Sampling Theory and Methods
Jerry Reiter
Duke University

Causal Inference in Medical Research
Jason Brinkley
East Carolina University

Gyula Katona
Renyi Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Recent Innovations in Pharmaceutical Statistics
Sujit Ghosh
North Carolina State University

Statistical Methods in Undergraduate Research
Jan Rychtář & Mary Crowe
University of North Carolina at Greensboro,

Applied Semiparametrics
Ben Kedem
University of Maryland, College Park

Design of Experiments
Manohar Aggarwal
University of Memphis

Recent Advances in Survey Sampling
Evrim Oral
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans

Mathematical Biology
Jan Rychtář
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Statistical Methods in Weather Modeling and Prediction
Nalini Ravishanker
University of Connecticut

Statistical Consulting
Stephan Ogenstad
Statogen Consulting, LLC
Wake Forest, NC

Multivariate Analysis
Ravi Khattree
Oakland University

Risk Analysis
Kumer Pial Das
Lamar University

Statistical Methods for Wildfire Management
K. F. Turkman
University of Lisbon

Recent Developments in Environmental Statistics
Soutir Bandyopadhyay
Lehigh University

Statistical Methods in Anthropology
Gwen Robbins Schug
Appalachian State University

Long-Range Dependence – Recent Advances
Jan Beran
University of Konstanz, Germany

High-Dimensional Statistical Analysis
Dietrich von Rosen
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Computational Statistics and Modeling
Ashok Kumar
Kentucky State University

Statistical and Data Management Challenges in Big Data Analysis
Venkat Gudivada
Marshall University

Free and Open Source Tools in Statistics
Rajeev Agrawal
North Carolina A & T State University

Statistical Methods for Analyzing Complex Biomedical Data
Arnab Maity
NC State University

Nonstandard analyses of censored or missing data and their applications
Huixia Judy Wang
NC State University

Some recent developments in survival data analysis
Wenbin Lu
NC State University

Financial Mathematics and Risk Management
Manuel Esquivel
New University of Lisbon

Security and Network Applications 
Shan Suthaharan
University of North Carolina – Greensboro