Statistical Consulting Center

UNCG Quantitative Network

Terry Ackerman

Department of Educational Research Methodology

Research interests: Latent variable modeling; item response theory and multidimensional item response theory; differential item and test functioning.

Bob Henson

Department of Educational Research Methodology

Research interests: Diagnostic Classification Models (also known as cognitive diagnosis models), Hierarchical Linear Models, Mixed Models, Latent Class Analysis, Latent Variable Modeling.

Dave Remington

Department of Biology

Research interests: Genetics of complex life-history traits, primarily in plants; using statistical approaches to model variation in complex traits in a developmental genetic context; quantitative and population genetics, quantitative trait locus mapping, association mapping techniques, and structural equation modeling.

Kelly Rullison

Department of Public Health Education

Research interests: Social network analysis (particularly longitudinal network analysis) to study peer influence and selection and to study the diffusion of intervention effects; multilevel modeling; latent variable modeling; and intervention optimization.