Statistical and Machine Learning Approach to Complex Data Analysis

Funded by
National Science Foundation
DMS – 1560332

Summer 2018

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, one of the campuses of the University of North Carolina System, will offer a 10-week research program starting May 21 in the summer of 2018 where 4 undergraduate students, recruited nationally, will conduct research in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The ASA REU program has been made possible through a generous NSF grant (Grant No. DMS Р1560332)

The primary objective of the research program will be to train undergraduate students for interdisciplinary research including complex data analysis using both statistical and machine learning methods, and then compare the two approaches. Techniques learned in the program will cut across several disciplines such statistics, computer science, genetics, and health sciences. The research team will offer several research project options for the students to choose from. Students will work in pairs under the direct supervision of the PI and Co-PI’s.

There are 4 major objectives of the program:

  • Learn data diagnostics, data cleaning techniques, and basic statistical modelling
  • Learn predictive model building using machine learning tools
  • Learn complex Big Data analysis using more advanced statistical tools
  • Learn data masking techniques to ensure data confidentiality