Congratulations, Graduates! A message from Dr. Sat Gupta, Department Head.

Sat GuptaDear Graduates of Mathematics and Statistics,

Congratulations on successfully completing your math/stats degree program at UNCG. I hope you had a very nice experience during the course of your study, and you will carry with you some very nice memories.

You could not have been graduating at a more opportune time because, in spite of the havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunities for math/stats graduates are enormous. We are confident that your degree will shape your future.

The problem-solving skills you acquired during the course of your journey were meant not just to get you good grades, but also to prepare you for a variety of career choices. You could pursue research-oriented careers in science and technology. Or you can find excellent opportunities in the business and industry sectors. A math/stats graduate is very well suited, like no one else, to pursue a career as an actuary and command a very high salary.

If you acquired enough statistical training during your program of study, a career in Informatics and Analytics might be a perfect choice for you. With the advent of big data analytics all around us, a career as an Analyst would be a great option. If you have passion for teaching, a teaching career at the school or college level could be a highly satisfying career path.

I would like to invite you to take a few minutes to watch the short video below where you will see one of our current students describe her extensive math/stats journey with us. Shierina was an undergraduate math major at UNCG before pursuing an MA degree in Mathematics with concentration in Applied Statistics. She is currently a PhD student with us. Shierina’s story is quite inspiring.

I know I speak on behalf of all our faculty when I say it’s been an honor to be part of your learning. Our faculty are nationally recognized for their research and have earned a solid reputation in teaching as well. We know the department’s track record of excellence will serve you well when seeking the next step in your career or educational journey.

Regardless of which career path you choose, we are very confident of your success. Please stay in touch and visit the Department when circumstances permit.

With best wishes for your future,

Sat Gupta
Department Head &
Fellow of the American Statistical Association

Reflections from Sheirina Fareed

Enjoy the video below as Sheirina Fareed, a PhD student in Mathematics and Statistics, speaks about her journey and offers words of wisdom to the graduates of 2020.