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Acknowledgements Acknowledgements

The first version of these notes were written in collaboration with Beth Lewis for the course MAT 112
112 is an emergency number that can be dialed from most mobile phones and, in many countries, land lines
Contemporary Topics in Mathematics at UNCG in the summer of 2016. Without her this project would have never gotten off the ground. We thank Beth for the work she put into the notes and the many fruitful discussions. We would like to thank Dan Yasaki for many constructive conversations about the material in this course and for letting us use parts of the notes from his discrete mathematics course. Jonathan Milstead and Tracey Howell also let us use their notes for earlier versions of this course. We thank Sandi Rudzinski and James Rudzinski for the revisions they made for Fall 2017 and Sandi Rudzinski, Nathan Fontes for proofreading the notes for Winter 2018, and Aaron Rapp for improvements made in Spring 2019. We thank Tom Lewis for his work on diagrams in Part I and Part IV. Further thanks go to Frances Clerk, Victoria Hayes, Jonathan Milstead, and Debbie White.
We thank David Farmer for converting our original LaTeX source to PreTeXt and other contributors to the PreTeXt project for their help.
The first two videos were created by Dan Yasaki. These were followed by a set of videos by Frances Clerk. In the summer of 2019 Matt Farmer (writing) and Stephen Steward (voice) recorded the bulk of the videos currently in the text.
The writing of the notes was supported by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNCG and an Open Education Mini Grant and an Open Textbook Grant from the UNCG Library.