Dan Yasaki

Current and Past Students

Ph.D. Students

  1. Kalani Thalagoda, 2018-2023 (PhD), Post graduation: Post-doc at Tulane

M.A. Students

  1. Kristen Scheckelhoff: M.A. 2021 (thesis), A Geometric Generalization of Continued Fractions for Imaginary Quadratic Fields.  Post graduation: Ph.D. program at University of Virginia
  2. Nathan Fontes, M.A. 2018 (project), Explicit Computation of Higher Weight Modular Forms. Post graduation: Ph.D. program at Clemson University
  3. Debbie White, M.A. 2018 (project), The Congruent Number Problem. Post graduation: Instructor at Guilford Technical Community College
  4. Paula Hamby: M.A. 2012 (thesis), Enumeration of quadratic forms over totally real fields. Post graduation: Resource Management Analyst at WarnerMedia

Undergraduate Students

  1. Kristen Scheckelhoff: Summer Research 2019
  2. Luke Vilaseca: MAT 310 2018 (project), Least-Squares
  3. Jonathan Machado Bilbraut: MAT 310 2017 (project), Linear algebra application: Google PageRank algorithm