Undergraduate: The Programs

MAT 490-01 (Senior Seminar in Mathematics)

Oral presentations on topics in mathematics, including current mathematics literature.

  • Pr. Senior standing and mathematics major, or permission of instructor

This course is for senior math majors and carries the Speaking Intensive (SI) marker. We will follow a seminar format, consisting mainly of oral presentations by the students. The primary goal of presenting is not to demonstrate that you understand the material but rather to help the other students to understand the material.

Course Documents (pdf)

Article List

Most of these articles are stored on JSTOR. You can access them automatically while on the UNCG network. If you want to access them from home, click the link for the article. Then click the Login link in the corner and “Login via an institution”.

Additional Resources

  • UNCG Speaking Center Tips: Helpful tip sheets that may answer some of your communication questions.
  • MAA Mathematical Communication: A developing collection of resources for engaging students in writing and speaking about mathematics, whether for the purpose of learning mathematics or of learning to communicate as mathematicians.