Research: Statistics

Former Students

PhD Students

Student Year Advised by Thesis Position after Graduation
Jeong Sep Sihm 2016 Sat Gupta Modified Binary Randomized Response Technique Models Visiting Instructor of Mathematics at Guilford College
Christopher Vanlangenberg 2016 Haimeng Zhang Data Generation and Estimation for Axially Symmetric Processes on the Sphere
Tanja Zatezalo 2016 Sat Gupta Generalized Mixture Estimators for the Finite Population Mean Adjunct Professor at North Carolina Central University and Adjunct Professor at Campbell University
Wei Chen Haimeng Zhang Spectral estimation for random processes with stationary increments

MA Students

Student Year Advised by Thesis Position after Graduation
Matt Jester 2018 Sat Gupta Lecturer at UNC Greensboro
Xinyu Feng 2018
Emily Johnson 2018 Scott Richter Permutation Tests for Mixed Paired and TwoSample Designs
David Suarez 2018 Sat Gupta Variations of the Greenberg Unrelated Question Binary Model
Ping Wang 2018 Sat Gupta
Monika Goel 2017 Sat Gupta
Bukola Adaramola 2017 Haimeng Zhang Circulant Matrices On Global Data Analysis
Ashwag Alghamdi 2017 Scott Richter
Mingyan Li 2017 Scott Richter International Business Consultant at RTP China Connection
Bin Luo 2016 Xiaoli Gao Robust High-dimensional Data Analysis Using A Weight Shrinkage Rule Teaching Assistant at UNC Greensboro
Jeff Lail 2016 Scott Richter Data Analyst at Syngenta
Christopher Langewisch 2016 Scott Richter Strategic Business Analyst at Targetbase
Nicholas Stewart 2016 Sat Gupta Senior Data Analyst at Triad Area Data Company
Arpad Szarka 2016 Sat Gupta Technical Expert IV at Syngenta
Robert Stoesen 2014 Sat Gupta
Shierina Fareed 2012
Michael Higgins 2012 Scott Richter Product Analyst at Square
Guanghui Lei 2012 Sat Gupta
Richard Jenkins 2011 Scott Richter
Qing Shi 2009 Scott Richter Principal biostatistician at Cytel
Norbert Kadima 2009 Sat Gupta Statistical Programmer II at IQVIA
Supriti Sehra 2008 Sat Gupta Two-stage Optional Randomized Response Models Advanced Analytics Manager at Orbitz Worldwide
Robert White 2008 Scott Richter Business Intelligence Manager at Targetbase
Mike Wilder 2006 Adjunct Instructor at Elon University
Jack Luper 2006 Maya Chhetri Multiple Positive Solutions for Semipositone Problems Technical Development AVP at Bank of America
Christine Bottini
Xiangpan Li
Jeong Sep Sihm A Two-Stage Binary Optional Randomized Response Model Visiting Instructor of Mathematics at Guilford College
Sundar Thapa Sat Gupta Statistician at U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Elizabeth (Dawn) Poole Scott Richter
Nada Alzahrani