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History of Statistical Education in North Carolina

In North Carolina, the first academic department of Statistics was set up in 1941 at North Carolina State University under the leadership of Gertrude M Cox, an influential American statistician. Then, Departments of Statistics in 1946 and Biostatistics in 1949 were set up at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Full story...

According to Dean Solomon at NCSU, "the department at Duke is formed later, about 1986, when a distinguished mathematician, Phillip Griffiths was the Provost there. He called together the heads of the three existing Triangle departments and asked what they thought about Duke starting a statistics program. Despite the fact that there were already three PhD granting statistics departments in the neighborhood, they were all enthusiastic, but recommended that they focus their program in a way that was complementary rather than competitive with the existing programs. And, Duke did that in a grand way."

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