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Welcome to the web site of the North Carolina Chapter of the American Statistical Association. Here you may find events and conferences held in North Carolina, as well as information on statistical research, education and consulting in North Carolina.

Upcoming events:

Workshop--Effective Presentations for Statisticians--May 10, 2014
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Fall 2013 NC-ASA Chapter Symposium--October 12, 2013

The North Carolina Chapter of the American Statistical Association will sponsor a one-day symposium on October 12, 2013. The symposium will bring together researchers and students to celebrate statistics in North Carolina, as well as the International Year of Statistics, 2013. More details are available at the conference web page:





Fall 2013 Chapter Newsletter



Become a NC-ASA Chapter Member

To become a member of the NC-ASA:

1) If you are already a member of the ASA, check the box in the online or paper renewal form under Chapters (click here to join the ASA);

2) If you wish to be a member of the North Carolina Chapter but not of the ASA, simply fill in the ASA membership form, and send the form with a check in the amount of $5 ($2 if a student), made out to 'NCASA', to: Scott Richter, Mathematics and Statistics, Petty 116, UNCG, Greensboro, NC 27402.



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