Igor Erovenko

Igor Erovenko

Associate Professor

Office: Petty 106
Personal Website:
Starting year at UNCG: 2002
Office Hours: In-person: M 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m., Online: W 12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m., and by appointment.


Degree(s): Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Virginia (2002)


  • MAT-115 LEC (College Algebra)
Summer Session 2
  • MAT-120 LEC (Calculus w/ Business Applictns)
  • MAT-120 LEC (Calculus w/ Business Applictns)


Member of the Research Group(s): Applied Math, Group Theory, Mathematical Biology

Selected Publications

  • I.V. Erovenko. The evolution of cooperation in one-dimensional mobile populations with deterministic dispersal. Games 10(1):2, 2019.
  • J. Kobe, N. Pritchard, Z. Short, I. V. Erovenko, J. Rychtář, J. T. Rowell. A game-theoretic model of cholera with optimal personal protection strategies. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 80(10):2580–2599, 2018.
  • E. Hurlbut, E. Orthega, I. V. Erovenko, J. T. Rowell. Game theoretical model of cancer dynamics with four cell phenotypes. Games 9(3):61, 2018.
  • G. M. Street, I. V. Erovenko, J. T. Rowell. Dynamical facilitation of the ideal free distribution in nonideal populations. Ecology and Evolution 8(5):2471–2481, 2018.
  • A. Brettin, R. Rossi-Goldthorpe, K. Weishaar, I. V. Erovenko. Ebola could be eradicated through voluntary vaccination. Royal Society Open Science 5:171591, 2018.

Brief Biography

Dr. Erovenko earned a Ph.D. in 2002 from the University of Virginia and joined the UNCG faculty in 2002. His early career research focused on combinatorial properties of discrete groups, most notably the bounded generation property of arithmetic groups. His current research interests lie in the field of mathematical biology.