Partial Differential Equations Conference

2021 Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of the UNC Greensboro PDE Conference were published by the Electronic Journal of Differential Equations 

From the above link, click on Proc. of Conferences 26 (2022) in the left column to access the papers:

  • Mohammed Ahrami, Zakaria El Allali; Lower bounds on the fundamental spectral gap with Robin boundary conditions. 
  • Gerard Awanou; Discrete Aleksandrov solutions of the Monge-Ampere equation.
  • Falko Baustian, Vladimir Bobkov; Basisness of Fucik eigenfunctions for the Dirichlet Laplacian.
  • Manki Cho, Mauricio A. Rivas; On the L^2-orthogonality of Steklov eigenfunctions.
  • Xiaobing Feng, Thomas Lewis, Kellie Ward; A narrow-stencil framework for convergent numerical approximations of fully nonlinear second order PDEs.
  • Daniel X. Guo; Semi-Lagrangian forward methods for some time-dependent nonlinear partial differential equations.
  • Rohit Kumar, Abhishek Sarkar; Multiple solutions for a weighted p-Laplacian problem.
  • Thomas Lewis, Aaron Rapp, Yi Zhang; Penalty parameter and dual-wind discontinuous Galerkin approximation methods for elliptic second order PDEs.
  • Timothy Robertson; Wellposedness of Keller-Segel systems in mixed norm spaces.
  • Dario A. Valdebenito; On solutions arising from radial spatial dynamics of some semilinear elliptic equations.

Main Editors: Richard Fabiano and Yi Zhang

Associate Editors: Maya Chhetri, Tom Lewis, and Ratnasingham Shivaji