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Summer School 2020: Ergodic Theory with Applications to Continued Fractions

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From May 18 to May 22 2020 the University of North Carolina Greensboro held the UNCG Summer School in Computational Number Theory and Algebra: Ergodic Theory with Applications to Continued Fractions.

Our school brought together 15 early stage graduate students with an interest in dynamical systems and number theory, 4 ergodic theory researchers (Glasscock, Merriman, Robertson, and Petersen), and numerous other supportive UNCG faculty mentors who joined in as fellow students!

For the first time in the Summer School history, this school took place in a live all-online format, due to the coronavirus crisis.

From the promotional statements: Ergodic theory is the study of the long term behavior of points and sets under iterations of a measure preserving transformation. What better way to learn the subject than see it in action through its applications to number theory ?


Invited Talk

Thursday, 5/21

Sideways Dynamics, by Karl Petersen, UNC Chapel Hill, retired

Lecture Notes


Lecture-6-Computational-Experiments-with-Mathematica.nb (Mathematica Notebook)

Notices Article

How To Organize A Short Online Math Program Successfully (to appear in Notices of the AMS, June/July 2021)


Talia Fernos, Sebastian Pauli, Filip Saidak, Clifford Smyth, Brett Tangedal, Dan Yasaki


NSF LogoThe organizers, speakers, and participants are all grateful for the support from UNCG and the NSF grant, DMS-1802448, that made this school possible.