Research: Number Theory

Summer School 2013: Computational Algebraic Number Theory

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From May 20 to May 24, 2013, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is hosting a summer school entitled Computational Algebraic Number Theory. This summer school will cover fundamental algorithms for number fields. It will complement what students learn in a standard course on algebraic number theory. The methods presented, such as methods for arithmetic, integral basis, unit groups, class group, and Galois group computations, are essential for further computations in number theory and algebraic geometry.

On a typical day, external and local experts will give talks in the morning, and in the afternoon students will solve problems related to this material. The talks early in the week will introduce the students to the subject. Talks later in the week will cover related areas of current research and unsolved problems. The problems given to the students might be of a theoretical nature but could also involve programming problems and computer experiments. All problems will be aimed at increasing the students’ understanding of the material by working with it.


All talks will take place in Room 213 in the Petty Building (29 on the campus map). See directions for additional maps and directions.

Time Monday 5/20 Tuesday 5/21 Wednesday 5/22 Thursday 5/23 Friday 5/24
9:00 Welcome Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
9:30 Participants:
Introductions I
David Ford:
Integral Bases
notes handout slides exercises
David Ford:
Polynomial Factorization I
David Ford:
Polynomial Factorization II
Dave Roberts:
Computing Galois Groups II
10:30 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
10:45 Participants:
Introductions II
Michael Pohst:
slides exercises
Michael Pohst:
Unit and Class Groups I
slides exercises
Michael Pohst:
Unit and Class Groups II
slides exercises
Michael Pohst:
Diophantine equations
slides exercises
11:45 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
12:00 Dave Roberts:
Introduction to Number Fields
slides exercises
John Jones:
Computing Number Fields I
slides handout exercises
Dave Roberts:
Computing Galois Groups I
John Jones:
Computing Number Fields II
John Jones:
Computing Number Fields III
13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:30 Sebastian Pauli:
Intro to Computing
slides magma handbook
Problem Session Excursion Problem Session Problem Session
15:00 Problem Session Problem Session Problem Session Problem Session
19:00 Grasshoppers


Time Saturday 5/25
9:00 Coffee
9:30 Brian Sinclair: A Guide to the OM Algorithm
10:30 David Ford: Key Polynomials slides maclane v zx maclane v p
11:30 David Roberts: Hurwitz Number Fields slides
12:30 Michael Bush: Finding p-class towers of length 3 slides
13:00 Lunch





Local information

Information for visitors, including directions to UNCG and Petty Building.


The summer school in computational number theory is supported by UNCG, the NSA (H98230-13-1-0253), and the NSF (DMS-1303565).