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The Palmetto Number Theory Series (PANTS)

The 26th Palmetto Number Theory Series (PANTS XXVI) meeting is being held at the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) on Saturday, September 17, and Sunday, September 18, 2016.

The Palmetto Number Theory Series (PANTS) is a series of number theory meetings held in South Carolina, the Palmetto State, and other places in the Southeast. The core members of the PANTS consortium are Clemson University and University of South Carolina.

See the PANTS homepage for more information about PANTS and past and future meetings.

Invited SpeakersInvited Speakers


  • The meeting is free of charge for all participants.
  • If you plan to attend PANTS XXVI fill out the PANTS XXVI Registration form by September 2.
  • If you are applying for travel support, check corresponding box on the form and follow the instructions under travel support below. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident and would like to receive travel support you must register by August 25.
  • If you would like to give a 20 minute contributed talk, enter a title and abstract on the form.

Travel Support

PANTS has a limited budget from which to provide support for travel. In order to stretch our budget, we encourage car pooling and students to share lodging as much as possible.

If you are asking for reimbursement for lodging and travel, please fill out the expense form (PDF) and send it to Matt Boylan. We will also have paper copies of the form and Matt available at PANTS.

Practical Information

You can find directions on the For Visitors page of our department.

A hotel in walking distance to UNCG is the Biltmore. To get the university rate, say that you are attending a conference at UNCG. Two B&Bs are not too far from campus: Dailey Renewal Retreat and Haynes Bed and Breakfast. More options can be found on the UNCG list of local hotels.

Friday Colloquium

On Friday, September 16, at 4pm in Petty 136 Krishnaswami Alladi will speak on:

Stage Productions on Ramanujan – A Comparison (abstract)

PANTS Schedule

All talks will take place in Room 219 in the Petty Building (campus maps and directions), unless noted otherwise. Contributed talks are 20 minutes long. Refreshments are available between all talks. Program with abstracts (PDF) is available.

Time Friday 9/16 Saturday 9/17 Sunday 9/18
9:00 Coffee
9:30 Coffee Roger Baker: Recent progress in Weyl sums and their applications
10:00 Krishnaswami Alladi: The distribution of the number of prime factors with restrictions—variations of the classical theme
10:45 Stevo Bozinovski: A property of Riemann zeta function
11:15 Luke Giberson: Champion Primes of Rational Elliptic Curves on Average Abbey Bourdon: Torsion in Isogeny Classes of CM Elliptic Curves
11:45 Saikat Biswas: Capitulation, unit groups, and the cohomology of S-idele classes Jeremy Rouse: The density of primes dividing a term in the Somos-5 sequence
12:15 Lunch
2:00 David Roe: Algebraic tori and counting p-adic fields
3:15 Jonathan Milstead: Computing Galois Groups of Eisenstein Polynomials over p-adic Fields
3:30 Refreshments in Petty 116
3:45 Nicolas Simard: Petersson Inner Products of Binary Theta Series
4:00 Krishnaswami Alladi: Stage Productions on Ramanujan – A Comparison in Petty 136

Participants and FacultyParticipants

  1. Roger Baker (Brigham Young University)
  2. David Roe (University of Pittsburgh)
  3. Nicolas Simard (McGill University)
  4. Sebastian Pauli (UNCG)
  5. Matthew Boylan (University of South Carolina)
  6. Dan Yasaki (UNCG)
  7. Jim Brown (Clemson University)
  8. Frank Thorne (University of South Carolina)
  9. Hui Xue (Clemson University )
  10. Krishnaswami Alladi (University of Florida)
  11. Kendrick Hardison (Francis Marion University)
  12. Kevin James (Clemson University)
  13. Jon Grantham (IDA/CCS)
  14. Huixi Li (Clemson University)
  15. Brett Tangedal (UNCG)
  16. Filip Saidak (UNC Greensboro)
  17. Emma Cinatl (Clemson University)
  18. Luke Giberson (Clemson University)
  19. Todd Morra (Clemson University)
  20. Hugh Geller (Clemson University)
  21. Benjamin Case (Clemson University)
  22. Sandi Rudzinski (UNCG)
  23. Saikat Biswas (Arizona State University)
  24. Abbey Bourdon (University of Georgia)
  25. Ankush Goswami (University of Florida)
  26. Jonathan Milstead (UNCG)
  27. Brian Sinclair (U.S. Government)
  28. Michael Mossinghoff (Davidson College)
  29. Michael Filaseta (University of South Carolina)
  30. Joe Foster (University of South Carolina)
  31. Harsh Mehta (University of South Carolina)
  32. Robert Wilcox (University of South Carolina)
  33. Kevin Sheng (University of South Carolina)
  34. Thomas Wright (Wofford College)
  35. Wilson Harvey (University of South Carolina)
  36. Jeremy Rouse (Wake Forest University)
  37. (Miss) Spencer Saunders (University of South Carolina)
  38. Chad Awtrey (Elon University)
  39. Marie Jameson (University of Tennessee)
  40. Elie Alhajjar (Geroge Mason University)
  41. Jeremiah Southwick (USC Columbia)
  42. Ricky E. Farr (UNCG)
  43. Todd W Molnar (University of Florida)
  44. Stevo Bozinovski (South Carolina State University)