State Math Contest: Central Region Finals

2018 State Math Contest Final Results

Level I Contest: Central Region

Rank Score Name School
First 124 Eric Wu Triangle Math and Science Academy
Second 112 Brian Zhang Carnage Middle School
Third 110 Jason Yin The Academy at Lincoln
Fourth 105 Amanda Zhang Smith Middle School
Fifth 104 Charles Tsai Smith Middle School
Sixth 103 Tyler Yang Guy B. Phillips Middle School
Seventh 98 SEthan Huang Mills Park Middle School
Eighth 96 Eric Wang The Academy at Lincoln
Ninth 88 Thomas Shundi Smith Middle School
Tenth 87 Eric Ye Cary Academy

Level II Contest: Central Region

Rank Score Name School
First 141 Benjamin Li Smith Middle School
Second 130 Michael Dai Smith Middle School
Third 123 Jeffrey Zhu Guy B. Phillips Middle School
Fourth 118 Kevin Ji Smith Middle School
Fifth 116 Sophia R. Benjamin Smith Middle School
Sixth 114 Bo Chi Smith Middle School
Seventh 101 Luke Chen Smith Middle School
Eighth 100 Daniel Shen Martin Middle School
Ninth 99 Caroline Sun Durham Academy
Tenth 96 Benjamin Knight Smith Middle School

Level III Contest: Central Region

Rank Score Name School
First 152 Leo deJong Smith Middle School
Second 139 Isaac Zhu Davis Drive Middle School
Third 125 Michael Ferguson Thales Academy Apex
Fourth 121 Lucia Wang Mills Park Middle School
Fifth 120 Minseok Eli Park Carnage Middle School
Sixth 120 Raghav Arun Carnage Middle School
Seventh 109 Jason Cobb Triangle Math & Science Academy
Eighth 108 Akshar Yeccherla Mills Park Middle School
Ninth 89 Jessica Liu East Chapel Hill High School
Tenth 87 Daniel Xie STEM Early College at NC A&T University

Statewide Results