Research: Applied Math

Former Students

PhD Students

Student Year Advised by Thesis Position after Graduation
Ananta Acharya 2023 Ratnasingham Shivaji Analysis of steady states to classes of reaction diffusion equations and systems Temporary Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Utah State University.
Shalmali Bandyopadhyay 2023 Maya Chhetri Solvability of nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems Assistant Professor at University of Tennessee at Martin
Elliott Hollifield 2020 Maya Chhetri Nonnegative Solutions of Nonlinear Fractional. Laplacian Equations. Assistant Professor at UNC Pembroke
Nalin Fonseka 2020 Ratnasingham Shivaji Mathematical and computational analysis of reaction diffusion models arising in ecology Assistant professor the University of Central Missouri
Aaron Rapp 2020 Tom Lewis Dual-wind Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Elliptic Variational Inequalities Assistant Professor at the University of the Virgin Islands
Byungjae Son 2017 Ratnasingham Shivaji Analysis of Classes of Singular Steady State Reaction Diffusion Equations Assistant Professor at Ohio Northern University
Quinn Morris 2017 Ratnasingham Shivaji Analysis of classes of superlinear semipositone problems with nonlinear boundary conditions Assistant Professor at Appalachian State University
Catherine Payne 2017 Richard Fabiano Approximation of Neutral Delay-Differential Equations Assistant Professor at Winston-Salem State University
Abraham Abebe 2014 Maya Chhetri Positive Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems. Assistant Professor at Temple University

MA Students

Student Year Advised by Thesis Position after Graduation
Aidan Lytle 2022 at Boeing
Will Stiles 2021 Tom Lewis Solar Data Scientist at Radian Generation Charlotte, North Carolina
Christopher Nem 2021 Math Instructor at Central Carolina Community College
Kellie Ward 2021 Tom Lewis Narrow-Stencil Finite Difference Methods for Linear Second Order Elliptic Problems of Non-Divergence Form Finance & Insurance Accountant at Sonic Automotive
Sandamalee Seneviratne 2018 Tom Lewis
Keri Spetzer 2018 Graduate Teaching Assistant at UNC Greensboro
Indika Gunawardana 2018 Tom Lewis Doctoral student at Texas A&M
Adam Eury 2014 Maya Chhetri Positive Solutions for a Class of One Dimensional p-Laplacian Problems Software Engineer at Coherent Path
John Hardee 2012 Richard Fabiano Pseudospectra and Structured Pseudospectra Faculty at Davidson County Community College
William Ely 2012 Jan Rychtář Pricing European Stock Options using Stochastic and Fuzzy Continuous Time Processes Professional Services Consultant at Earnix
Heather Barker (Allmond) 2010 Jan Rychtář Model of kleptoparasitism in the Onthophagus taurus: when to enter and leave a dung pat Mathematics Instructor at Piedmont Community College.

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Jessica Nash
  • Christopher Pritchard
  • Gregory Bernstein
  • Carrie Miller
  • Ashley Jones
  • Brandon Joyce
  • Bryan Davis
  • Maribeth Edson
  • Andrew Edwards
  • Jamel Richards
  • Jay Saini
  • David Suarez
  • Ivanti Galloway (now in MA program at Wake Forest)
  • David Sykes (now in PhD program at Texas A&M)
  • Tracy Spears-Gills
  • Anna Tuck (now a Ph.D. student at University of Washington, Seattle)